Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon to use with Amazon Echo devices. It provides multiple types of functionalities to make users’ life comfortable and luxurious. Alexa app can be used to perform tasks for the user such as: streaming your favorite music, provides weather information, creating to-do lists, setting alarms, question answering, calling and messaging, etc. (Download Alexa app with Alexa.Amazon.com)

Alexa is so smart that it adapts itself according to the user’s search preferences, speech patterns, vocabulary. Alexa’s brain is in the cloud so It has the ability to learn, Alexa keeps learning new skills and functionalities over time. Alexa’s brain is in the cloud.

Amazon alexa app

How does it work?

It works with the Alexa enabled devices. The Alexa App is the companion for the Amazon Alexa enabled devices. Just start it by connecting to your home’s wifi network and a simple Amazon guided set up in the Alexa app.

It lets you set up your smart home devices and controls them such as lights, thermostats, locks, etc. It works with your voice commands, you need to say a wake-up command “Alexa” following with the instructions of the task to perform. For e.g “Alexa, set alarm 4 o’clock morning”.


The Amazon Alexa app is free software that is easily available and can be downloaded from the authorized stores.


Android device users can Download Alexa app connect to wifi
In simple 3 steps from Google Play Store:
Open Playstore in android device.
Search for “Amazon Alexa”.
Install the app with the title “Alexa”.


IOS device user can Download Alexa app for echo connect wifi
In following steps from the Apple App store:
Open the Apple App store in your IOS device.
Search for “Amazon Alexa“.
Install the app with the name “Alexa” by Amazon with a logo.


Desktop users can also download the Alexa app for echo. For downloading and using the Alexa app for desktop, the desktop must be having window 10 and the user would require an Amazon account to sign in for using Alexa on Desktop.

How to set up Alexa?

Amazon Alexa acts as a virtual personal assistant and it’s a cloud-based software program. In a nutshell, you are allowed to use this device to ask questions or give a command and it responds dutifully.

Amazon Echo is quite easy to use, it is one of the most appealing aspects of the device, and that is why it is so famous so swiftly. But even for a techie, navigating a new device is not easier as you think. This guide on Alexa setup comes handy to help you with the set up as quickly as possible and can start bossing the device in no time.

The Alexa App

When your Echo Dot Setup is completed and running it feels almost like a standalone device you will need a tablet or a smartphone to get started.
Open the app store on your device – whether its iOS or Android, the app is available on both. Now download the app from the official website, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Plugin the Device

Alexa Setup

It’s time to prep the hardware. Turn on the speaker and turn it over to find the power jack, then take the device’s power adapter and plug it to the power jack to the device’s speaker.

Lastly, take the power adapter and plug it into the socket. Excellent! Your device has power and must start glowing as it configures itself.

Waiting for Initializing 

You are nearly there! Once the device is connected to the mains, wait for a minute for it to initialize. The light ring will turn blue, then will switch to orange, and then try sampling an audio greeting. Now the device is ready for the final setup.

Alexa Setup

Open the App

Now, Open the Alexa App after you download Alexa App on your device, then click the cog – shaped icon to get to settings. Or visit alexa.amazon.com Choose an option “Set up a new device” to begin the Wi-FiFi connection process.

Select the Device

Next, select the speaker you need to set up. Select the right device, and then choose the right language from the next page.

Connecting to WiFi

Choose “Connect to Wi-Fi” and get connected. First, you might see an orange ring displaying. If you try holding the “Action button” for 5 seconds first to put the device into setup mode. With that done, you will have to hop out of the app and into your phone’s setting menu.

How to connect Echo dot to wifi

Go to Wi-Fi settings. Power on Wi-Fi (if it’s not ON already), then choose the Echo Dot Setup from the list – the name will be like “Amazon”. Once connected, check whether the device is connected to the Alexa app. Click “Continue”, then choose yours from the list, then type in your Wi-Fi password.

Now click “Connect” in the app which might take only a few minutes to connect depending on your Wi-Fi speed.

Amazon Echo devices are compatible with all smart home products. Echo devices let you instantly connect to a cloud-based service to play music, weather updates, information by using your voice.  Amazon not only built the new Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo devices, but the company has now allowed the third-party makers to build Alexa for their devices.

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

The original Echo device is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. The Echo is currently available with special Dolby Audio. It has an auxiliary jack next to the power jack so that you can connect your device to an external speaker. With this Echo device, you can ask anything and make your device a personal DJ. In the end,  you can also connect your smart mobile device to your Echo via Bluetooth.

What You Cannot do With the Echo – The echo device does not work with phone calls or any notifications. In comparison with other devices, the Echo also does not have a screen or a camera in it. All the interaction comes through your voice or Alexa App.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is essentially a smaller Echo with in-built speakers. Echo Dot has low-end speakers, you should connect it to another speaker via Bluetooth. Amazon designed the Echo Dot in such a way so that you can spread the multiple devices of your home. It offers an aux-out port on the right side of the device.

What You Cannot do With the Echo Dot – If you want to try any Alexa device then Echo Dot is the best option you can choose for.  The biggest con with Echo Dot is its poor audio quality.  It doesn’t have a screen so it also does not work with the phone for any calls.

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show is the first Echo device of Amazon which has a screen. For example, if you want to know the weather, then upcoming weather will appear on the screen. Through Amazon Alexa in Echo Show, you can call your friends and relatives. It has also a feature of drop-in which lets you connect with certain friends.

What You Cannot do With the Echo Show –  It is lacking with an aux port. Moreover, the use of the screen in the Echo Show is not that important except for any quick recipe video or Tv Shows. If your home has security features, or you want a video calling in a large home, the Show can help you in that.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus

The New Echo Plus comes with the same design as the original with little addition to all the features. Echo Plus has Zig-bee Feature in which you can simply ask Alexa to explore the existing devices in your home, and she will present in front of you. With Amazon Echo Plus you can build your smart home with Alexa.  Echo Plus comes in white, silver, and black. It can also be paired with another Echo Plus and partnered with the original device.


1) What is Alexa?
Amazon Alexa is a personal assistant device through an app. It listens and responds to your voice commands conceptually and helps you to get work done IN the house.

2) How can you Download Alexa App?
Alexa app can be downloaded either through your smartphone or your web browser. However, these networks need to have a certain feature of operating software in order to support this app. The following OS’s are compatible with Alexa:
Fire OS 3.0 or higher
Android 4.4 or higher
IOS 8.0 or higher

3) How to connect Alexa app to echo devices?
First, download the Alexa app for an echo. Select your wifi network and enter the password then click on the ‘connect’ button. Once the Alexa app connects to the echo device the light indicator ring will turn to blue and Alexa is ready to perform commands.

4) Why Alexa stops/not responding to commands?
Sometimes not using Alexa for a long time period (a few hours) Alexa stops responding to commands. There can be many reasons behind this such as poor network or Alexa may not able to hear you.